here is my faq don’t ask anything that is on here or i’ll just say FAQ

  • what’s your name?
vincent van den dries (Facebook me :) but people call me vince on here
  • how old are you?

i am 16

  • where are you from?
Belgium Bitchezzz! 
  • how long have you had tumblr?

from the second day of december 2011 :)

  • how many followers do you have?

4 digit number x,xxx

  • where did you get your url from?

first my url was toppman because of the shop topman but then my account got spammed and i changed it to toppmen and i think it sounds better :)

  • where can i see your face?

over here! , i know there is a link to it in my drop down menu but it doesn’t work and i’m to lazy to fix it :)

  • can you promo me?

forget it bitch

  • P4P, first_to like, …

depends your amount of followers, i can help you from 2000 followers, and please don’t lie i will find out!

  • how did you get so many followers?

just reblog a lot, it’s not that i am tumblr famous but just reblog promos and ask people to check out your blog and that stuff.

  • do you have any celeb tumblrs? 

yep i do: 

selena gomez

justin bieber

nicki minaj

kim kardashian

louis tomlinson

conor maynard

ask me and i’ll give them to you!

  • insert hate ** here **

i love you!

  • insert love ** here **

you are the most amazing person on earth i love getting these don’t be shy to send them hahahaha :)

  • what is your sexual orientation?
me likie die boyss
  • do you have any family on here?

yes i do, 2 of my nieces!

  1. c-amel.tumblr.com
  2. m-ethanol.tumblr.com
  • why do you have a domain?

i like my domain, i have one and you are just jalous hehehehe

  • want to know anything else?

just ask me here!

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